75th item in inventory has no hotkey assigned

0.9 g5f5e629

Sometimes the 74th item also doesn’t get a hotkey assigned. Invlet is set to 0.

not sure how many hotkeys there are. You are able to use the = key to swap inventory letters. You can use the normal numpad keys to select items without a hotkey.

Would that fix your problem?

That means that there are too many keys for items.

Just drop a few.

Ok, now I understand what is happening. I was used to the old way where you couldn’t carry more than 75 different items. It would be nice if you dropped some items if ones without hotkeys were automatically assigned one, though.

Why doesn’t the inventory assign the same `xx hotkeys as tiles with stuff on them?

This was a necessary side effect of making you be able to carry more items than the hotkey count limit. You can still change hotkeys through the inventory menu by selecting the item and then inputing the hotkey change command IIRC.

As for auto assigning hotkeys I believe it doesn’t do this because the game saves hotkeys based on item type. So if you assign a battery to ‘b’ then it will try to assign any new batteries to the ‘b’ key if you pick them up later.

Because of ugly inventory handling internals. The short explanation is that the actual ‘b’ or ‘x’ or whatever character gets passed around in the code as the identifier for which item was selected. Most of the code has been converted to a more stable index thingamagig, once that’s done we can take a look at finally implementing multi-character inventory indices.