In which I attempt to make a Shishkebab from Fallout! So far, this is my code. I believe use actions are hard coded (please correct me if I’m wrong), so I can’t actually make it use fuel and turn on/off yet, but here is the protoype.

    "id": "shishkebab",
    "type": "TOOL",
    "symbol": "/",
    "color": "light_blue",
    "name": "Shishkebab",
    "description": "A katana modified to be ON FIRE! But only if you fill it with gas. Without gas, it's just a heavier katana.",
    "rarity": 2,
    "price": 980,
    "material": "steel",
    "flags": ["SLICE", "FIRE"],
    "techniques": ["RAPID", "WBLOCK_2", "FLAMING"],
    "weight": 20,
    "volume": 18,
    "bashing": 6,
    "cutting": 45,
    "to_hit": 1,
    "max_charges": 0,
    "initial_charges": 0,
    "charges_per_use": 0,
    "turns_per_charge": 0,
    "ammo": "NULL",
    "revert_to": "null",
    "use_action": "KNIFE"

I’m not sure if it’s actually setting enemies on fire, how do I check this? I’ve tested on zombies, triffids, and Mi-Go’s so far. Could somebody help me out?

“id”: “shishkebab”,
“type”: “TOOL”,
“symbol”: “(”,
“color”: “red”,
“name”: “shishkebab”,
“description”: “A heafty katana that spews flames from the blade.”,
“rarity”: 15,
“price”: 0,
“material”: “steel”,
“techniques”: [“FLAMING”, “SWEEP”, “BRUTAL”, “RAPID”],
“flags”: [“FIRE”, “SLICE”],
“weight”: 8,
“volume”: 7,
“bashing”: 12,
“cutting”: 100,
“to_hit”: 3,
“max_charges”: 75,
“initial_charges”: 75,
“charges_per_use”: 1,
“turns_per_charge”: 20,
“ammo”: “gasoline”,
“revert_to”: “null”,
“use_action”: “LIGHTER”
light the bodies after you quickly disbatch them!!

Woah. Unless they changed stuff in the last nightly wouldn’t that make it smaller and lighter than the original katana?

yeah. og katana is to heavy in my mind. do whatever to it.

This actually doesn’t sound very hard to code, you could just copy the item use entry for the chainsaw, rename a few things to point to the shishkebab and done. Being able to use it as a lighter could be a little tricky, need a menu to choose between turn on/off and light something. That could probably be copied from the apply menu for knives though. I’d also make a crafting recipe for this, as opposed to adding it to drop lists, to better align with Fallout 3. If you can, I suggest you make a Github account and submit a pull request for this. If you don’t want to try coding, I could give this a shot, although I’m a pretty bad coder so I make no guarantees I could make it work :frowning:

ok i have field tested the chainsaw idea and it is bunk. you need to actually add an action for shishkebabin g to anything more. if i use action chainsaw on it turn the shishkebab into a chainsaw same for any other on action, grenade, flashlight, whatever. as for the lighter action it simple allows you to burn a corpse after slicing it up. in essence my shiskebab is just a better katana with a lighter taped onto it :stuck_out_tongue:

Oops sorry guess I didn’t describe that very well. What I meant was take the item use entry for chainsaw, copy it and use it as a framework to make the action for the shishkebob. Give the copy a new name, replace the actions pointing to the chainsaw(on) and chainsaw(off) items with ones pointing to the shishkebob(on) and shishkebob(off). You’ll have to make a new item to be the shishkebob when it’s off. It’s the same process I used to make the expanded martial arts traits for character creation: I copied the “martial arts training” trait a few times and edited the entries to point to the other martial arts skills. This way all the code for using fuel while running and shutting off when empty is already done, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. I hope that makes a little more sense than my first post, but I’m not sure it does :frowning:

If you’re the one who gave us the option for more starting martial arts, then I would like to award you one internets!

The joys of starting with Krav Maga know no limit.

Wow thanks Rivet I always wanted my own Internet! Seriously it’s really nice to hear people enjoy the work that I did. It just struck me as really annoying that the game had such a cool feature (Martial Arts) that wasn’t really usable because of one little problem (NPCs being less intelligent than the average zombie, or for that matter, the average tree stump). Not sure how much credit i deserve for it though, I think about 85% of the entire pull request was cut-and-paste of the original martial arts training trait. I just copied it a few times and changed the skills each one gave you :). Actually the hardest part was thinking of names for the traits that fit in the menu screen without being cut off.

BTW i love the look of the new guns you added to the game, especially the craftable pneumatic ones. I think I actually saw something similar to them (single-shot version) in the Heinz history center here in Pittsburgh a few years ago.

To be perfectly honest the craftables are all ripoffs of guns from the Metro series of FPS games. I just didn’t name them the same so that it’s not quite so glaringly obvious.

Oh well as the old saying goes “The Talented Create, But The Brilliant Steal” lol. I’ll have to look that Metro series up, sounds fun. Now we just need the Rock-It Launcher from Fallout 3, but I bet that would be a coding NIGHTMARE, sigh. Maybe we could do the Omni-gun from Wizardry 8 though.

Hey Dust if you want to do the item stats part of this I can do the hardcoded parts for you. Just figure out the item stats and the crafting recipe and I’ll make the turn on/off actions for it. If you don’t have a Github account I can credit you and put in a pull request from mine to put this in mainline too if you want. I’ll wait for an okay from you first though, because I don’t want it to seem like I’m stealing your idea. I don’t know if you want to do the hardcoded parts yourself I just thought I’d make the offer because I’d love to see this in game and this will definitely need some new entries in iuse.cpp to work as intended.

Thought I’d work on this a little and see what I came up with. So far, I took stats from the makeshift machete because it seemed more like the shishkebab than the katana did. Made the actions so it can be turned on and off, uses fuel when on and goes out when it runs out of fuel (I think, haven’t actually tried letting it run out of gas yet). Also gave it the same lighting effects as a torch, can see the entire basement of the evac center when it’s on. I think next step is adding menus so it can be used as a lighter to start fires, and as a knife to cut things up (Only when off). I’m not sure if I should give it weak block, the standard machete has it, but the makeshift one doesn’t. I’m thinking the extra work that goes into it probably makes it sturdy enough to block with though. Any thoughts from anyone? Should I change it? Finish the actions and call it done? Go away and think of my own ideas instead of mooching other peoples?

Just call it the No. 9 and you’re good to go. Ooh hah! ooh hah hah!

/Parasite Eve fan

So I was wondering last night which melee weapon to base the stats of this off of, and it hit me: Why make just one? Cataclysm could use some more exotic melee weapons to compete with all the wild unarmed styles, sweet bows and crossbows, and futuristic guns in the game. So I figure we could have several fireswords, ones that are easier to make early, and ones that take more skill and rarer components to build but are more powerful. Here’s my ideas so far;

Shishkebab - makeshift machete, just like Fallout 3

Number 9 - Regular machete, more damage and has block (we gotta have a shout out to the big guy)

Flametongue - Broadsword, the fantasy staple, with a new post-apocalyptic vibe!

Rising Sun - Katana, because that was Dust’s original and this is still his idea, and makes a great high-end weapon to shoot for.

Well, anyone have any opinions on these? Do you think these would be realistic enough that the devs will roll this into mainline? Would they be useful and or fun/cool? I don’t have much experience making new items so I’d really like some opinions!

PS - For anyone who doesn’t get the reference, Number 9 is a boss from the awesome game “Parasite Eve 2” who uses a flaming machete.

Wow that went a lot faster than I thought it would! I give you my first complete version of the Shishkebab! There’s too many files to easily post on the forum, so I made a branch on my Github and posted it there. Here’s the link so you can check it out if you want link

This isn’t nearly as strong as the one Inquisitor Dust originally suggested, but I think it better matches what the shishkebab in Fallout 3 was made of (Lawnmower blade). If the devs seem willing to merge this in, I’ll make some stronger ones like the flame katana. I just want to make sure this is something they’d actually consider including before I do all the extra coding. I also need to see if Dust is okay with me making a pull request for his idea before I go running off with it.

Dust is out for a week or two, IIRC: xe’s Catharine & the Three in That RP Thread. Sorry, brother.

I’ve opened a pull request on Github for this, it’s turned into a much bigger project than I thought it would be check it out here and tell me what you think. I could use some advice on some of the stat parts of this, so if you have any thoughts on what I should do with this, let me know!