Considering how melee-centric a lot of builds can be, as well as the prevalence of medieval content such as broadswords, maces, and spears - one thing I’ve noticed is the conspicuous lack of shields in the game. Is there any intent to add them at any point? Not even “real” shields like bucklers and tower shields would be necessary. I was just thinking the other day how easy it would be for a survivor with a wood axe/saw to make a crude, rectangular shield made from two-by-fours. Even as something as simple as that could provide significant amounts of protection against all except the stronger enemies in the game (like brutes) or acid-based monsters. Maybe you can even find vintage, steel tower-shields in museums to compliment your broadsword and fitted plate-armor?

I’m just saying. A shield/spear combo (think greek hoplites) would be by far the most effective, not to mention easy-to-use and easy-to-create solution to any kind of zombie apocalypse scenario. And the fact that seemingly no survivors in the genre of zombie apocalypse actually recognize this is kind of annoying.

shields are in the game - i think stable doesn’t have them but experimental does. I am not sure how they work though. There are some wooden ones, one round iron shield and one Cybercop Shield(however that works).

I think those are just badges

Blocking uses stamina perhaps?

There are definitely shields in the most stable release. Or at least, an official mod adds them. As far as I’ve seen there is a wooden shield, a kite shield, and a hoplon (hoplite shield). You wear them on one hand and it occasionally causes you to block attacks.

I haven’t played in a while, but don’t shields cover hands, arms, and the torso?