Medieval and Other Content [Merged]

This is old, old crap. I’ve had this since my 0.B stable days, it originally was a part of More Survival Tools, before I separated the content. In addition to PR’ing this bit by bit, I’m retaining the full version on Dropbox.

Parts 1-4 of it have been merged.


Material additions:

  1. Bronze. THIS is where my addition of copper originated, in fact.

Weapon additions:
1: Arming sword. Delicious and an excellent compliment to medieval swordsmanship.
3. Scimitar, for when a cutlass is too modern (this weapon actually predates my statting out a cutlass) and a katana is too fancy.
4. Xiphos. Classic bronze sword.
5. Dory. Not a name, but a bronze spear.
6. Naginata, for when the survivor’s naginata just won’t cut it (hardyharharhar).
8. Estoc, as a beefier predecessor to the rapier. No longer able to shift stances, sadly.
9. The khopesh. Bronze and quite choppy.
10. Glaive. Blame Kadian.
11. Ji, a type of ancient Chinese polearm. Went with the bronze-age variant for more variety.
12. Jian, the classic Chinese sword.
13. A dao as well, went with the bronze-age equivalent.
14. A qiang.
15. The fire lance! All the fun of a qiang, all the fire of a hand cannon.
16. A sword Kadian requested. Hint: debug.

Armor Additions:

  1. Nasal helm, Corinthian helm, galea, conical helm.
  2. Tunic, gambeson, bell cuirass, lorica segmentata, lamellar armor.
  3. Bronze greaves.
  4. Shields! Crude wooden shield, hoplon, scutum, round shield, kite shield, heater shield, and buckler. All have varied levels of cover percent (effectively block chance), body part coverage (some protect the legs), armor value, and encumbrance.


  1. A recipe book for various weapons and armor that wouldn’t fit well in the existing ones.
  2. Martial arts books for swordsmanship and pankration.

Martial Arts:

  1. Medieval Swordsmanship, based very roughly off of the German school thereof. Attacking is good for your defense, and you get delicious counterattacks. Available via Melee Weapons Training.
  2. Pankration. Kill zombies Dwarf Fortress style! In addition to basic grab breaks and kicks, dodging an attack opens up a counter-grab that can be combo’d into a throw, an armlock, or a chokehold. Available via Martial Arts Training.


  1. Hoplite. Bronze, spear, shield, the basic “front toward enemy” sort of class.
  2. Legionary. Still heavy and still shielded. Do remember that the shovel was as mighty a tool as the gladius, though.
  3. Viking. Repeat after me: no horned helmets.
  4. Man-at-arms. This is what a knight typically was, though the inverse wasn’t always true.
  5. Horse Archer. As with the man-at-arms, driving skill is the only available nod to the currently-nonexistent cavalry ability. Guess a steel steed will have to do.
  6. Samurai. Oh hey, I wonder if they’ll start with samurai armor. And yes, you can have a katana. Unless you get a naginata instead. But do remember, it’s called “the way of horse and bow” for a reason.
  7. Brave of the King. Thank you to Kadian for getting info on the name. A type of ancient Egyptian infantry.

Please remind me how I put this in an existing save.

Derp. Save folder, folder for the save file, mods.json.

Yeah figured it out in just this second.
But another question - were do I get copper? I cant seem to disassemble copper tubing anymore?

Huh, that’s odd. Copper tubes should be dismantlable. O.o

Just checked again - they are not. Neither from the inventory nor from butchering

Ah mierda, you’re right. That might have to be added in a PR. I could presumably tweak the recipe to allow copper tubing for now. @_@

Shields- thou art beautiful…

Shields? I can’t download right now but could I ask how are they used? An idea would be to be like a wearable item with very low encumberance, but that would cover the whole body with a high percentage change of taking the hit. Is it that? O:

Curious thought, does ‘block chance’ use up stamina? So much DS so little time.

You know, if it does not, that’d be incredibly awesome. And it would make shields not op at all, and realistic.

Spiked shields could be a neat addon as they function similarly to the spines mutation of doing moderate counter damage from a ‘block chance.’

I don’t know how that would be implemented, but yes!

And in highly belated response, shields function like armor. While you could wield them and give it the block technique, that’d preclude using a weapon. So far they mostly rely on the simple functions of using coverage to represent block chance, protection values for how much damage they absorb, and encumbrance as…well, how encumbering they are.

Even then, since they used the strapped layer, their encumbrance is tweaked with the assumption that most survivors still want a backpack.

And also, most of them only cover the hands, arms, and torso, which longer shields also covering the legs. I probably should make them protect the head though. Covering the eyes or mouth would be rather wonky though.

A way to balance shields also is to have a specific enemy grab attack on the shield leaving your character vulnerable to other attacks from other zombies besides the one who’s grabbing your shield.

Do note that this stuff predates my getting into Github. Hell, I still need to give the spear weapons the REACH_ATTACK flag. Expanding on shield properties would be nice, but when I made these I had to do it the stupid way. And even then, not sure how feasible it’d be to code, for me at least.

this + this = fun

Can we craft shields?

The wood shield is easily craftable, the other variants are craftable but more advanced. Need to double-check if any of them besides the wooden shield are autloearned. >.>

I think they are in the same book as the other medieval stuff. I already had the book when installing this mod, so I am not sure.