Shields for the melee timid

Its probably already been suggested before but I think shields would be an excellent addition to the game, especially for more “frail” glass cannon builds or those that are nervous about bites or ballistics.
Of course you’d still suffer a dexterity penalty (unless you had the “ambidextrous” trait) for using them that would scale with the weight, but you could wear them on either the right or left hand and they’d function like arm guards.
Shields could scale from just something as simple as a pot lid or a wood arm gaurd to something like riot shields and other anti-ballistic protection

Shields aren’t in the main game but the Medieval and Historic Classes and Shields Mod adds them in.

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As kiddeath said above. They’re actually fairly handy, especially early game. A cudgel and small shield made of hastily nailed together two by fours makes you quite a bit tougher, especially against the rank and file zombie.

I was actually using one until i finished the challenge on Zombie Slayer, admittedly that play though had a whole host of self imposed limitations but it remained very useful right up until the end.

I even beat a technician to death with it once after it stole my weapon :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone wanna make a “Torn Car Door” mod to add that as a shield for the insanely strong?

Always concocting ideas :wink:

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Would be neat to delimb a Skele Jugg to turn into a makeshift tower shield