Off-hand Shields

Quick! Explanation: I was perusing the wiki when I came across this tag: TEC_WBLOCK_3 - Shield

Now then, I went back and looked at all of the melee weapons available, none of which have this tag. To me this means an item would be used in a block, preventing all damage (assuming up to a threshold) if successful.

some items come to mind as a shield:

[ul][li]Trashcan lid[/li]
[li]Car door[/li]
[li]House door[/li]
[li]Kitchen cabinet door[/li]
[li]Antique shield (Medieval)[/li]
[li]Hubcap (large)[/li][/ul]

all of these items could add a maximum threshold of damage, some being more durable than others as well as adding different encumberance values based on weight and volume

I could post theoretical values for every item that could be considered a shield and their effects and what not, but I just wanted to get some feedback on this to begin with

Also, riot shields.

We’d need to be able to wield two things first.

I could just make an item called a spear and board that has both a shield’s blocking chance as well as a spear’s attack.

Crafting it would require a shield and a spear, both of which can be wielded individually.

actually, we could easily apply it to an arm (left specifically) and have it encumber that arm but provide it’s defense bonus both passively and actively

Off-hand wielding of items is planned, and is coming Soon™.