Sheath and scabbard encumbrance

Sheaths and scabbards that used to be worn on either part of the body now occupy both legs or ankles. I cannot seem to choose if it’s left or right anymore. works just as simple pants or boots.

Is that a bug?

0.C-20048-ge1de5da (tiles), build 5997.

This is still around in latest

Did you activate them from the action menu at any point? This causes them to lose their sidedness…

Sure, I activated them, how can I store knife and rapier there otherwise? So this is known bug, right?

If you activated them from the inventory, this shouldn’t happen.

If you did it from action menu (I think the keybind is % ) then it’s a known bug.

Oh, I figured it out! It’s reversible, thankfully. Appreciate your help!