Sewers now more dangerous I see

Maybe I never noticed before this update but there are cylopians and CHUDS and sewer piranah. Finaly serwers just aren’t for drug dealers and over powered early gear lol. Very nice.

EDIT: I found something in the dark… It whispers to me to come closer umong the rubble. Then out of nowhere the earth grows cold. Suddenly a shadow comes from the ground and approaches me. In my shock I manage to swing my fire axe at it, It did not seem to mind as it proceeded to kill me. I ran as fast as I could vowing to come back for the item it was guarding it seems it does not give chase. ( Found a whispering tube, and a shadow came out and I ran like hell because I couldn’t harm it, any ideas? I’ve never seen this before), I’ve got the tube now but am afraid to open it. Any insight into this? Is it rare?

Artifacts can happen in the sewers, yeah. Nice to hear that they’re getting high-end spawns again.

ok well ill opem it I guess. In all my time ive never seen this before its not like pandora’s box or anything right?

Randomly generated, so worst-case is radioactive gas or spawning more of those shadow folks, I’d imagine. Raining fire can be Unfun too.

It paraylized me then it says you feel your body decaying… Damn it thought I would get a shadow friend or a cool mutation it decayed me or something

Check your stats and look around, I’m reasonably sure artifacts will always have good effects as well as bad ones.

It had to have done something, also body decay is slowly losing health.

Is that health as in the hidden health stat, or health as in hp?

Health like in hp.

idk I’ll play a bit more with him today and see if I notice any changes. So far all my stats are normal and my hp looks fine I dont have self-aware on tho. I only played him for 5 min after I drank it anyways.