I found moving beads… on my chemically imbalanced and schizophrenic character… is something gonna come and kill me now or am i just being paranoid.

on that note what artifacts have you people found.

I’ve found a small relic in a basement of a cathedral once, no idea what it does

That’s a quest item and apparently doesn’t do much. i mean artifacts that you find randomly through the world… almost always with the cathedrals there is a small relic in the basement with blank body’s staring at it

I found a glowing disk once.

I then was promptly slaughtered by other-worldly beings and shadow snakes before the sun had fully set. Goddamn demons wanted my magic flashlight.

I got a whispering pin… 3 charges and it recharged by draining my health I think. Gives me an adrenaline rush and “attracts attention” whatever that means.

“Attracts Attention” means some of the more otherworldly critters are likely to show up around you. Not something I’d want in the early game, but if you ever get bored…

I have the best artifact: Cocaine of Whiskey.

In loving memory, the best bug ever.

i haven’t found any yet. well i don’t want to really try to find one but if i do that’s fine as long as it is not a to big of a deal for it’s bad part of it.

I’v found only one so far, witch allowed me to trow ball of fire or something like that. An explosion.
But each use give me massive pain.

Because of the drawback of artefact they are mostly annoying/useless:dangerous than something else. It’s a nice way to die fast, if you want.

I found a natural artifact that passively made me thirsty but active use healed me 2 points, while draining my health 1 point to recharge.
…needless to say that character lasted a LONG time (until I did something stupid).

[quote=“Lainge, post:10, topic:2362”]I found a natural artifact that passively made me thirsty but active use healed me 2 points, while draining my health 1 point to recharge.
…needless to say that character lasted a LONG time (until I did something stupid).[/quote]

isn’t death in this game always linked to something stupid… like going in an anthill without letting the ants spawn yet then going immediately in the queens chamber to get poked to death… :frowning: i really should have had a full suit of power armor and the poking to death may have been less painful and i may have killed them all.

Found a ‘Scaled Pin’

After knowing a small amount about artifacts and the toruble they can cause I decided it was best to leave it unmarked on my map and left it alone.

I sometimes think about it, like my mind cannot think about anything else.

Day 34.



Don’t think it too much until you want to die lol.

And btw for a name like that you artefact is likely to spam stuff around you for mainly mutation cost whatever it’s passiv or activ version. Such a massive drawback for an effect like this : if you want something helping you, find a dog and give him dogfood, same effect but no mutation.

i dont know if artifacts have been enhanced since Whales was working on the game. I dont think these are fully implemented yet.

I finally found my first artifact at the end of a mine.

The Dagger of Sleeping Suffering

-Basically when you use it, it teleports you and causes pain.
-When wielded it turns you invisible, saps your strength three points, and attracts the attention of clowns.

-It also saps your health to regenerate it’s power.

I got boots of sleeping horror, to this day I still don’t know what they did.

I once got a coat that made me invisible and drained my perseption. I figured becouse I couldn’t see my own feet was the reason I stepped on the landmine… Good move, cataclysm, you win this round.

I have the Sword of Undying Miasma. I think it rolled maximum weight.

If I wield it, it saps my strength and intelligence by 3 points, causes insanity and makes me invisible.

If I activate it, it dims the sky, calls down fire on me and summons wasps.

It recharges by causing me pain.

Now I am all set for an epic last stand in case I want to go out with style. More likely my game will end in “rm -r save”.

I got this mask with this super creepy badass names, but I can’t remember it for the life of me. I think it summoned shadows and attracted other horrible nether creatures. I want to say it randomly teleported me… Is that even an effect I can get?

I found a hollow tube in the middle of a patch of rubble, which gave off an evil feeling and made me feel tempted to wield it - but when I equipped and tried to use it, it said it had -1 charges.

I left it in the evac shelter basement and my character later died in a massive fireball after bouncing his semi truck off a building, so I never did find out what it did.