What is a Slimy Spiral?

This might just be in a mod i have, but i haven’t played in a while so if anyone knows what in the world a slimy spiral is please tell me

Where did you find it? Could be an artifact.

its an artifact i believe

That’s a “natural” artifact - you found it in the middle of rubble, yes? And possibly there was an odd noise from time to time (“yyyoooorrrrpp!” or somesuch), recurring electricity cloud, or “you feel you life slipping away” in the area.

“Natural” artifacts always have exactly two effects, one “good”, and one “bad”. I put those in quotes because some things are situationally not so good or not so bad.

They can both be passive (just by having it in your inventory), the good one can be active (use it to get, with a limited number of uses that recharge one of several ways) and the bad one passive, or both active (which means they both happen when you use it - no choosing).

They are randomly generated, so most of them are useless or nearly so. Occasionally, you do find one that’s awesome.

  So my slimy spiral has questionable usefulness? That is annoying. I have never seen this before as far as I know, it was indeed in a pile of rubble. I wielded it since I had no more inventory available (It was right next to spawn) so I'm not sure it it mattered. It did not give off any electricity and no noise came from it as far as I noticed. i ended up dropping it nearby cuz I had no use for it and it was just taking up space.
 If you have any more specifics available then I'd appreciate it, or at least a way to find out how it works.

If it has a number of uses, it can be activated. I’ve never seen a “natural” artifact that had any wielded functions, only carried and activated.

A lot of the passive (carried) abilities will give you a hint of some kind. There are stat modifiers (good ones are positive, bad ones are negative, of course), and they tell you when you pick it up. “You feel hungry” means it has a bad ability that drains hunger (not by a lot, but it’s there). Same with thirst. “You feel a prickle of insanity” gives you occasional hallucinations. There’s a message about one that makes you occasionally emit a loud noise when you walk, one that occasionally teleports you (that’s considered bad, but it can be useful sometimes), one that irradiates you, one that gives you “otherworldly attention”, etc.

The most of the good passives are pretty obvious. The active ones… well, activate it and see what happens! Some of the good actives are a little bit hard to notice, though (if you aren’t in a condition where it’s useful - there’s light, for instance, which is not so obvious in the day).

The one that covers the area around you in blood is on the “good” list for some reason. I mean, it’s not “bad”, I guess, just entirely useless.

The blood one is super spooky, I found a bloody dagger at the end of a Strange Temple and activated it to find out what it did and it painted the walls with blood. There was a necklace there too that did the same thing.

artifacts are awesome, i’ve found about three total so far, one i found just recently near a heavily armed military type place, another in a crater and i forget where the third, they had effects ranging from electricity constantly arcing away from me on the ground (no self damage, they never hit me) to radiation to DoT at random intervals, don’t worry if you die right after finding one, artifacts are somewhat likely to be fatal.

heck, never “use” one with an adrenaline active effect.

Stalker, you just found your first artifact. Much cheeki to your breeki.

Pick it up again and see what happens. Or try activating it. Artifacts can be !!FUN!!.

I wish anomalies were more dangerous…

Ah, artifacts can give you radiation? That’s probably where that spontaneous radiation on me came from, since I didn’t go anywhere near something that would give me that. Unless an empty, sports car, nuclear reactor would do that too…
I was wondering what that weird rock thing is, it strangely counted as a weapon, not sure if all artifacts go in that slow though.

The information here may be out of date, but it’s what the wiki has to say about artifacts. If it’s still acurate that should tell you everything your slimy spiral does.