Service Weapon: mod that adds the eponymous morphing gun from Control

The Service Weapon is cool. I wanted to make it. Now you can use it in your game.

What’s the Service Weapon?

It’s a personal firearm from the video game Control that can change forms and, by extension, the ways it attacks. It has short-, medium-, and long-range options, as well as an explosive and a laser one.

How can I get it?

Install the latest release of the mod.

Its only dependency is Aftershock. You can’t have that kinda thing in the base game. Aftershock is also necessary because the Service Weapon only ever spawns in its unique weapons-testing lab facilities, very rarely.

If you find one, you’re set

The Service Weapons feeds of light batteries of all sorts, so you won’t ever run out of ammo if you raid cities once a season.

What it doesn’t have

  • weapon mods
  • conceptual resources
  • the Hiss
  • the Oldest House
  • the FBC
  • Jesse Faden
  • Max Payne as the Director of the FBC

What it does have

  • a bitchin’ personal firearm that won’t break and only ever needs batteries to be effective
  • if you need more stuff, I recommend Private Defense or keeping an eye on Project APEX, which is about to have an experimental modular gun system

If you find any bugs or want to add more forms to the Service Weapon, open an issue on GitHub.