DIY-¤homemade guns,makeshift armor and more.¤V2

after upgrading the old mod,i decided to go ahead and re do it,this time i will offer the items in separate mods,as it did not make sense to have factory made weapons on the same jsons as the homemade ones.
so i will offer them in separate folders.

+makeshift and homemade handguns+

+makeshift and homemade rifles+
coming soon.
+makeshift submachineguns+
coming soon.
+other homemade guns+
coming soon.
+clothing and armor+
working on it.
+melee weapons+
working on it.
+factory made handguns+
working on it
+factory rifles and shotguns+
coming soon.
+factory smgs+
coming soon

Awesome, will definitely give this a shot.

the joy of finding one of my own weapons in a mansion.

Indeed. It does feel good.

expect some new stuff this week,as i figured how to make more stuff and it will be some stuff any gun user will enjoy.
namely blackpowder cartridges and such.

new update and i will split content on different minor mods from now.
next one will be melee weapons.

Are you still working on this?