Semi-automatic firearms with no magazines should be single-shot with slow reload

An infected survivor attacked me near a marloss orchard. I killed him and took his pistol. A beat-up .44 Desert Eagle. No magazine. I guess the shot he hit me with was the only one he had. Just in the pipe. I probably have some more back at base.

If you have a semi-automatic firearm you can open the chamber and drop in a round by hand even with no magazine in the well. Some are easier to do this with than others, but so far as I am aware all can be done. In a survival situation I’d sure rather have a single shot pistol than no pistol.

Can we make empty firearms have single-shot capacity?


for that matter, why are so many weapons spawned without magazines now?

Like the idea. And most magazine-weapons need to be able to hold one more round than magazine size suggests, after double reloading, or putting full magazine when not fully depleted, with only a few exceptions (mp40 comes to mind, but thats not in game i belive).

This part I am OK with, I like scarcity and more random results. Getting a revolver with two rounds drop, finding a body with an empty rifle etc.

if it were a random thing, that’d be one thing, but having guns in, like, armories in labs consistently have no magazines is dumb

It is post-Cataclysm. It’s likely that the guns were stored without magazines in them and somebody just came along and took as many magazines as they could carry, but didn’t need 15 spare guns.

The single-shot semi-automatics idea seems good in general. Beneficial realism is always nice.

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That makes sense, if it is intentional.
Seems there are tons of guns lying around but spare mags for your own very favorite gun are a priority.

spare mags are nice and all… but it’d be nice to even have a single mag for certain guns

I hope whoever codes this remembers that some guns only load 1 at a time and do not have a removable clip. Such as the SKS.

Just a reminder in case the code gets borked by changes.

Internal magazines and single reloads have been a thing for a long time, I don’t think that will get changed. In fact, I think it might be possible to just give all guns a default clip-size of 1, so they act like a single-shot gun if they don’t have a magazine in them. It should just ignore the internal clip once a magazine is in.

Hmmm…but technically I can have one in the chamber at the same time as a clip, soo…As in. I can have a full clip. But I can push one into the chamber for 1 extra. Kinda cool when you consider the option of a pistol side arm as your backup.

I wouldn’t do this as a matter of course each time I had to reload. But as my holstered backup? Hell yeah! =D

That would be more complicated to implement, I was suggesting a quick method.

Brainstorming as usual mate. But would be a nice feature if it could be done. Probably a lot of work though as the list of guns grows.

One would need to differentiate between open-bolt and closed-bolt firearms for if you can chamber-load the firearm, since one cant really with open-bolt designs… Of course, if the ability to chamberload a firearm is tied into a items quality or an integral mod or something, it would be rather less difficult to get working…

Speaking of, there are conversion kits to set SKSes up to use box magazines, which would also be handy to have ingame, since giving NPCs automatics is a wonderful way to get killed, the new gunshops have a fair chunk of 7.62x39 potential. Or, yaknow, just being able to setup that rare AKM you found with some sorta semi-automatic limiter, or a new option fer NPCs fer fire mode…


I just realized I necroed this, for which I apologize. I blame Discourse, which Im still getting used to and which suggests threads that where locked in 2015, along with things like this.

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I’m a Stalker Last Day / Anomaly kinda person. So talking about rusky shooters is normal to me =)

Still would love to see this stuff happen…

Maaybe in 2 years. XD

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See for some discussion of this.

tl;dr I have no problem with it being added, but I’m also not interested in doing it.

If it is added, it needs to be added to only whitelisted guns, because there are a number of guns where this is impossible.

  1. Open-bolt guns (there’s literally nothing holding the round in).
  2. Guns with magazine interlocks (you can theoretically load a round, but the gun won’t fire without a magazine).
  3. Guns where the chamber is physically inaccessible.

I’m personally not interested in adding it because:

  1. It’s in a gnarly part of the code, reloading has all kinds of weird corner cases.
  2. The impact is IMO extremely marginal, a single-shot weapon is quite likely not even worth carrying around.

I am passive on this also. But I wouldn’t mind having the option for the purpose of quick and dirty fighting. I think having any firearm be able to load 1 round at a time as an option would be useful in a “OH $H!T” situation. Reminds me of SCUM or something. Whereby the guns in game are limited and not always having a magazine. So finding bullets and a pistol is a load 1 shot and fire kind of deal. I rather have that 1 shot than just my hands when some nut job is charging me with a machete, ya know? ;D

A few gun shops do not have guns with mags in them. So that is what made me think of this…plus SCUM of course.