Chamber one round

–This business with bolt action rifles, for example, with external magazines not being able to load an additional single round in its chamber is unrealistic. Adding one additional round to the magazine is not a satisfying solution, because being able to chamber one round is much faster than reloading a whole magazine and then putting that mag into the gun. The magazine in this type of rifle is normally only a back-up source of ammo especially for sniper rifles.

I agree with you. It breaks my immersion to be unable to load another round in a magazine-accepting weapon such as a pistol or rifle.

While this may be difficult to implement, I was thinking that weapons like this could automatically have another round, perhaps a separate firing mode, like how we use mods such as the grenade launcher or underbarrel shotgun, which only has the capacity for one round of the same ammo type. This would allow us to also use these weapons without having a magazine, being able to load a single round at a time into the chamber.

Same here. Being able to load one round is not just technically correct for the sake of it.

I like your idea of a separate firing mode - I will look in to it. It would be great if this can be modded, although I’m thinking it’s going to be something that needs to be hard coded.