(JSON help) making a single-shot anti-material rifle

so my new PR (which opened 3 days ago) will add 2 more anti-material rifle to the game. which is Mcmillan TAC-50 and Serbu BFG-50.

but the problem i got now is that BFG-50 is a single-shot anti-material rifle, which means it doesn’t have any magazine and instead reloaded after every shot.

how to make the BFG-50 work? any suggestion?

You can look at existing examples of similar things without a magazine, such as many of the shotguns

Or crossbows

Or this existing 50 caliber weapon

some of these examples have “reload” after “clip_size”, which i was put into my BFG-50 but the C++ check failed because of “reload” error. so i delete it…

is it still going to work?

Only way to know is to test it

just tested it out… it works well but the message during reload was weird ( you insert a cartridge into the BFG-50)