Seilorks' Brewing mod

Hello! this is my (wip) mod. My mods goal is to make brewing a bigger part of the game. I have a lot to learn from making this mod and I have big plans for it. However, it is a wip so it might not be as big as I hope for awhile.

Current feature
1.Professions (yeah that’s it :P)


  1. more yeasts
  2. hops
  3. more brews
  4. Buildings (this is going to be next then I will place the thing on my GitHub)
  5. Recipes (duh)
  6. Furniture?

Please tell me if you enjoy the mod (when I put it on GitHub it might be awhile)
And please tell me what to add. I look forward to suggestions and questions and help. Links to all my stuff will be on here but not till I and proud of what I have made. Sorry for no updates on progress or any thing at that but I haven’t had time to work on this I will hopefully start back up this weekend.

P.S if you want to reach me go to the discord or here will work too.

We can already brew whiskey, vodka, rum, moonshine, fruit wine, beer, mead, dandelion wine, pine wine and brandy. If I had all those in my bar, I’d feel reasonably satisfied about my ability to make cocktails.

What brews are you planning to add?

I plan on adding different types of whiskey, vodka , rum, moonshine, and fruit wine
and lots of IPAs, ales, lagers, and fungal brews (somebody from discord requested that) and such

I am going off of a home brewing book to make it more realistic. its less of adding more drinks and more of making it more in depth. I also plan on adding hops to make different types of beer (just for more story flavor)

The first hops I will be adding are

  1. fuggles
    2.First Gold
  2. Goldings
  3. Progress
  4. Wye Challenger
  5. Wye Northdown
  6. Wye Target
  7. Wild Hops
    And then I will add imported hops from the usa and other places in the world both in a pellet form and natural form

There is a lot more to brewing than the game offers and I just want to expand on that. Thank you for taking interest and asking me questions. However, I don’t know if I am able to add everything I want to add.

I’d be interested.

Twenty Character twenty characters.

You realize that CDDA takes place in New England, which is the North Eastern United States right? Namely the Mass. area?

Nope I’m blind :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for pointing that out to me. since I saw New England I just thought it was in England so truly thanks :slight_smile: .
then all the hops I listed will be later in the mod dev as well as German grown hops.
New hop list (a short portion) will be

  1. Amarillo
  2. Cascade
  3. Centennial
  4. Chinook
  5. Galena
  6. Horizon
  7. Simcoe™
  8. Wild Hops
    all the hops listed are grown in the U.S.A and often have a floral-citrus-like flavor.
    I hope to have most hops in the mod. However, all imported hops will be in the pellet form to make it easy on me.