Natural Brewing Mod

I’ve thrown together a very simple mod that adds ways to brew various types of alcohol without yeast, intended to be used for wilderness / “inna woods” playthroughs where yeast isn’t generally available. This is my first time modding C:DDA and my first time using GitHub, so if there’s anything I should change or adjust feel free to let me know!

The recipes are all auto-learn and require a cooking level of 4 rather than 3 to reflect the added difficulty of fermenting for a long time without the batch getting spoiled/moldy/etc. Once the brewable materials has been made, it needs to be fermented in a vat as usual, and the fermentation takes a full week to represent the process of waiting for wild yeast to arrive and start working. The resulting alcohol does not come with yeast, so this is not a way of obtaining yeast for bread.

The mod is made for version 0.E-1 (stable, not experimental).


Nice mod, defintly adds to the realism

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Really cool mod, something I have been missing in game!

If I might suggest something: If you add your files to github instead of a rar file, you can keep track of changes and other people might help.