Secondary (/holstered) Weapon

In most games, and in most real life situations, you’d normally have a holstered or backup weapon which you could get to quickly if your own weapon jammed/ran out of ammo. I’d like to see this in cataclysm, as I think it’d add another level of tactics.

My idea is that a weapon can be given a ‘secondary’ status, which makes it quicker to switch too and use. I’m not sure what the time delay is like, and it might need to be increased on normal swapping to make it worth while (if nothing else, this should be increased anyway). It could also be limited to one handed weapons, and could come along with some additional changes. Perhaps if one of your arms was badly damaged, you’d only be able to use your secondary weapon? This would make sense, and would push you to pick up a secondary weapon and some skills in case.

Additional thoughts:
-It could require a holster, and could be limited to light pistols.
-If weapon jamming/maintenance becomes a thing, this would become a bit more necessary.
-Skill in the weapon could increase draw time, to the point where it was an instant change?
-Obviously only one weapon could become a secondary, although perhaps maxing out (if we go that way, if not just a high skill) could let you have a third draw weapon. A ‘Gun-slinger’ trait could give you that option by default and increase draw speed.
-This might increase survival chance a lot, as with two good weapons you’d have zero down time. BUFF ALL ENEMIES.

(Sorry if this has been mentioned, I did search but couldn’t find it (although other people might term it differently)

This is something we want to implement with an inventory overhaul. Basically making items actually go into individual containers, but wrapped in a UI that handles where they go unless you override it, such as by putting a gun in a holster. This would also allow having different access times for stuff, so a holster would be really fast access, and at the bottom of your rucksack would be really slow.

That’s a bit of a pie-in-the-sky thing at the moment though, there’s a bunch of issues with how inventory is handled that need to be sorted out.

I was under the impression that this was already in the pipeline, or discussed already

Since the game currently handles many actions like equipping items instantly, or almost instantly, Holsters wouldn’t add much benefit, but with proposed changes such as the item access delay, would become more practical, and amusing. I fully support such a feature.