Tiny Survivor Gear Edit

Wouldn’t it make a bit more sense to add “use_action”: “HOLSTER_PISTOL” to survivor suits?

I mean, looking at the sheer number of pockets you add to the suit you’d think there’d be a spot to slip a pistol into.

Why not just wear a holster? Not criticising, just generally curious.

My head aches. :wink:
You’ve got a gun - and you need a ready-weapon slot. You either tweak the .json a bit, or just obtain an item that suits your needs in-game. Every style has a typical outfit, and you can edit your way into adjusting encumberance or just making your own, you space cowboy! :smiley:

Wearing a holster adds to your leg layering/encumbrance, so I can understand wanting to integrate one into the suit.

(I’m not particularly interested in survivor suits for that reason: melee fighter is afraid of whole-body encumbrance. Prefer the harness/longcoat and pants, probably the belt as well now.)