Sealed jar of pickles (rotten)

I’m not sure how this happened. has anyone else seen this? I don’t know if this is a bug or what. It was fine previously. Newly spawned jars seem to be fine, this might be an old jar from many versions ago.

Rotted while sealed

I know opening a jar makes it susceptible to rot…But do Pickles even go bad? .w.

Pickles can go bad. Especially now that all the long term food isn’t literally immortal.

You didn’t make them out of old/rotten cucumbers did you? That would transfer the tag I think.

Nope, they were fine previously, then sometime between then and now they became rotten.
I do update to latest frequently and have carried this save over for IRL years now, so who knows? It could be due to changes since I made the jar, or due to some spurious bug that was in the code briefly at some point since the last time I went over my larder.
If nobody else has had this happen it’s probably not a big deal. I’m just curious if it’s happened to anyone else.

I also had this happen to me recently, so something’s up. Pickles aren’t “FREEZERBURN”, so it’s not that they’re freezing twice and rotting.

now to add more hilarity to this case… i also found jar of pickles in a mansion… and i heat it using hobo stove…

it makes the pickles rotten rather than heated… good job bug. :smile:

Bug or accidental realism?

Ever try salami on the grill? Friggin nasty mate! Cooking a “cold cut” doesn’t always go well. >_<

yea… that would enough to trigger zombie food critics…