Pickle Jars are the poor man's TARDIS

When you find sealed jars of pickles they come with size six content inside a size two container.

You know… maybe these are small pickles? Jar for 2 big ones contains 6 small.

Pizza boxes used to do a similiar thing. A few other foods as well, if I recall correctly. I believe this sort of issue is something that will take a while to fully fix, not out of difficulty, but how easy can be to miss.

Someone has to notice these discrepancies in order to fix them, and it can be easy to overlook that sort of numercal snafu of finding that 1.5L of pickles will spawn in a 0.5L jar in the middle of play.

I would suggest opening an issue on Github when you notice things like these, in order for those more inclined to notice and attend to them.

My take on the matter is that there should be 2 0.25L units of pickles, reflecting 2 halves of the contents of the jar. Alternatively, make the pickle size smaller in order to fit X amount into 0.5L jars.

Pickles also (last I checked) rot after freezing and thawing twice.

So . . . the sealed jar of pickled vegetables will rot instantly. =\

Maybe whoever fixes the volume/container issue can remove that flag.

That flag is there because they copy-from cucumbers. If you think that’s wrong, I’d encourage you to fix it.

Why are you freezing your pickles? That takes away the whole point of pickling. :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably has a zone for perishable food set up and it sorts into it automatically. It’s what I’d do. I’d have to check, but I’m almost positive that canned/jarred perishables still go into the perishable food zone.

Actually, no, it’s because of the world temperature. Although I’m still not used to starting on something other than 0, I’m pretty sure food still freezes naturally over the first few days.

Good to know. I’ll have to keep that in mind come late autumn. Looks like I’m sticking to dehydrated food.

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