[0.A-795-g6c9b7be] Rotten Cans of Meat

So… canned meat coding seems a bit suspect. Do they require refrigeration now, thus defeating the entire point of canning the meat? Canning meat appears to cause it to rot immediately upon reopening. I’m unsure if this occurs with other canned products, although pickled ones don’t seem to rot immediately, so that’s something, I guess.

…Sounds like an old bug is reappearing… …odd

verified in console release #1160 on win 7 32

Unopened tinned meat curry went bad sometime between day 2 and 4.


So has been around for quite a while.

Is your game in the late summer heatwave? I think the rotting of homemade jars of meat is intentional in that season.

Maybe, but that’s not how canning fails when it fails.
Either the seal has to break or the pasteurization/sterilization phase is incomplete such that live bacteria remains from the start. Home canned meat can definitely go bad due to the failed sterilization, and is a historical cause of group listeria poisonings.
In a survival situation a novice would probably want to err on the side of caution, over cooking the meat and making it less palatable, but also safer.

The issue is that those items need to be put into a “sealed can of x” the same way we currently have “sealed jars of x.” Nobody’s got around to doing that though.