Food spoilage outside reality bubble

Hello. I have a question about food spoilage outside reality bubble. How it works? Is it based on a temperature, season or just on time? Sometimes I am able to find a fresh liquid( like a lemon juice in a plastic bottle) in an unexplored city even after 30+ days so after spring and in the middle of summer

Due to the limitations of item spawn, newly generated foods always appear fresh, no matter how old the world is.

Really? I remember the time when newly generated foods were already rotten. Especially during summer. This system was present in the experimental version maybe half a year ago. Check Banbeck’s comment at the end of this post

Well, in the game they end up spawning rotten inside the Vending Machines, but fresh inside the homes. Also, I sometimes find rotten ketchup, mayonnaise, salad and pesto inside those very homes. Dunno why.

I’ve just debug advanced the game ahead to autumn from spring: I’ve just found rotten milk in a newly revealed liquor store and fresh oranges inside a newly revealed house fridge.

EDIT: Just found fresh apple cider in another fridge. Found a lot of fresh meat inside a butcher shop.

Sh*t… This is strange. I remember that only a canned food was fresh. Why is it changed? An imperishable food(at least in some way) kills all fun

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Food is rotting, but newly-generated food inside buildings seems to be randomly fresh. It could be interpreted as survivor’s caches.

This is a bug… I’m wondering if some of the spawn code is not setting item age correctly…

That’s why I’m usually exploring towns in winter. Who needs those spoiled sandwiches?

Okay, but WHEN does it spawn the items? When it determines what the grid square holds? When you enter the square?

I thought that I’ve fixed that:

And it should be fixed.

No idea. Probably is something like your reality bubble or so. Since when you enter a new place, the food there is mostly fresh.

I wonder if food spawning rotten outside the reality bubble, will trigger the plague nymphs spawning when the bubble moves over them, or does the time for them to spawn start then.

Could you confirm that bug happens now? With some examples, perhaps?

Is it a bug? I though it’s a nice feature.

No, I can’t. I haven’t played for a while now.