Scale Within the Game

This is just a curiosity, but how large is one tile?

Is there anything official to go off or is it up to the player’s discrepancies?

I understand an object needn’t fill up a whole tile, or that an object may even jut out of it’s own tile, unseen through the limitations ascii.

Also, reasoning behind the scale would be pretty neat.

I went by the assumption that one tile was 2 by 2 meters but was then corrected that that was the way dwarf fortress worked(or unreal world point being not this). I can’t remember what the numbers were for Cata but I’m also interested to know/reknow the parameters especially since I’ve been waiting for z-levels and how far up and down a character takes ties into this.

Like how far is a dresser across? .75 times the width of the pc? How far up does it take? How much room is left between the pc and the roof? Same concept different dimension. Lets define them both in a sticky along with other essential information such as the turn time (average) and the lore. Two big different things but along the same lines.

At first I tried imagining the largest object in cataclysm that would reasonably not overlap its own tile. But every object I can think of (like doors and furniture) have quite large variances in real life.

i think this is a subject better left alone :slight_smile:
but of course i won’t do that
according to wikipedia, average walking speed is 5000m/h, that would be 1.38m/s, or 83m/min, or 83m/10 turns, or 8.3m per turn.
So, one tile is 8.3 meters, if our chars would simply walk around. So, just don’t think about that.

Speaking of not thinking about it, what if they’re driving? I seem to remember the math on that one being a bit off as well.

could we all just not talk about this? it’s a roguelike, everything is supposed to be representative. if you want real world physics ingame go play Fallout 3 with a zombie apocalypse mod.

I wouldn’t call Fallout 3 a real world physics game. Not to be mean though, Fallout New Vegas is much more of a real world physics then 3… at least it tracks thirst.

God forbid people have a discussion, here in the general discussion forum.

I would say that tiles are something like .50-75 square meters each, mostly because the size of cars and motorcycles. Someone did calculations based on the actual speeds vehicles display while traveling, but I cant remember the conclusions.

Who’s trying to stop it Inadequate? All I’ve seen is conversation related to the topic, or to other post that have appeared in this thread. Nothing that amounts to “god forbidding” of the discussion.

I see very few alternate ways to interpret this statement. Even if it refers to only one aspect, that’s still trying to shut down part of an active discussion.

I got confused for a moment, I’m so used to you being negative compared to the title subject (Inadequate). But you are right and I was wrong about people trying to “stop the conversation.” That being said, what do you have to offer to the conversation in a constructive manor?

Edit: Totally skipped a post. Please don’t it against me as I try to be accurate and fair in all my post. This one did slip by me as I responded with haste. Also the spelling of manner see manor/ also see haste.


As for the topic of scale, I’ve always seen an average tile to be half a meter squared. Of course, this is inconsistent with some of the other furniture, but that’s to be expected with the limitations of the engine. Nevertheless, it remains an interesting thought exercise to imagine Cataclysm’s world to scale in real life.

I remember the RMCC being scaled to a 3d modle and was it 4 meters across being used as the measurement? Something like that. Looking forward to responses that take modeling into effect, or an “official” response either way.

based on the scale of cars and houses, i think of a tile being 1m. And what i meant by “not thinking about” is “use your suspension of disbelief”.

I think Inadequate was quoting Hunteralpha and either way I get the point, I think. Game play over realism if I’m not mistaken? And 1m square sounds right.

Yeah, 1m x 1m x ~8ft (1 story) is the estimate that I generally use for most purposes.

When you start thinking about the scale of the game very much, it gets silly.

Going by the one meter per square theory, the hero can cover 1/6 of a meter per second and walking across the street takes about a minute.

I’ve found it’s best to not think about it too hard.

You know if we dropped movement costs for most terrain by a factor of around 10, it wouldn’t be that far off. (10 m in 6 seconds isn’t that bad). It might be worth discussing at some point.

You would doubt the holy move cost, heretic!