Sawn off pump shotgun

I made this today:

“id”: “pump_sawn”,
“type”: “GUN”,
“symbol”: “(”,
“color”: “brown”,
“name”: “sawn-off pump shotgun”,
“description”: “The barrels of shotguns are often sawed in half to make it more maneuverable and concealable. This has the added effect of reducing accuracy greatly.”,
“price”: 85000,
“material”: [“iron”, “wood”],
“flags”: [“RELOAD_ONE”, “NEVER_JAMS”],
“skill”: “shotgun”,
“ammo”: “shot”,
“weight”: 1814,
“volume”: 5,
“bashing”: 12,
“cutting”: 0,
“to_hit”: -1,
“ranged_damage”: 5,
“dispersion”: 150,
“sight_dispersion”: 90,
“aim_speed” : 4,
“recoil”: 200,
“durability”: 3,
“clip_size”: 5,
“reload”: 100,
“loudness” : 170,
“valid_mod_locations”: [[ “accessories”, 4 ],[ “barrel”, 1 ],[ “bore”, 1 ],[ “conversion”, 1 ],[ “grip”, 1 ],[ “mechanism”, 4 ],[ “rail”, 1 ],[ “sights”, 1 ]]

Basically a sawn off remington or mossburg shotty. As this is my first .json edit, would someone be willing to make this a mod for me? I have no idea what i’m doing with all that unfortunately.

The wording seems a little off, probably because it’s not a specific shotgun that’s been sawn off. We already have both the Remington 870 and Mossberg 500 ingame, so if you were to create sawed off versions of them both along with a simple crafting recipe (the Saiga 12 and it’s sawn-off version are a good place to look) then you could probably get it PR’d and put in the mainline.

Edit: I could throw it together for you if you want. But it’s a real simple setup that’d be a great first time submission, me and other people on Github would gladly help guide you through it.

Mighty kind offer of you, had a look at recipes and think I’m in a little over my head at the moment. But here is my attempt:

“type” : “recipe”,
“result”: “pump_sawn”,
“byproducts”: { “id” : “scrap”, “amount” : 4 },
“category”: “CC_WEAPON”,
“subcategory”: “CSC_WEAPON_RANGED”,
“skill_used”: “fabrication”,
“difficulty”: 0,
“time”: 3000,
“reversible”: false,
“autolearn”: true,
], “components”: [
[ “Remington_870”, 1 ],
[ “Mossberg_500”, 1 ]

Think I got it based on other recipes. Increased the time to make by 1.5 as the stock is being sawn off as well. How do I add extra byproducts? I’d like some splintered wood to spawn with the scrap metal.

Edit: got the recipe to work, didn’t realize capitalization was taken so seriously. Now how do I make this a mod and submit it?

Best way would be to take a look at existing mods.

I think Fictional_Weapons should be a good example.

You need modinfo.json properly filled out (should be obvious when you look at it) and at least on json file that contains the item and the recipe. You can put both the item and the recipe in one file or split them up.

For byproducts, you’ll want something like:

in the recipe.

If you want exampled of byproducts, check data/json/recipes/recipe_medsandchemicals.json and find the recipe that produces gasoline - it has 2 different byproducts - and recipe_other.json for plastic_chunk from milk - it has multiple byproducts of the same type.

Going to be adding a couple other weapons, but is there a guide that gives a detailed description of the different firearm stats actually do and how it effects the game?

doc/ and doc/ are your best bets.

Hmm. Thing is, should we have a GENERIC sawed-off pump shotgun, or sawed-off variants of all the existing pump-actions?

Thanks kevin.

I was planning on it just being generic.

Ok I’ve made it into a mod and added the glock 18 and glock 18c. How do I submit it?

And that works, I guess. Though hell, I’d be tempted to say mainline it.

As for how, there’s the stuff at that might help with it?