Is the sawn off shotgun still ingame

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So I’ve been having a great game (thanks to everyone that has worked on this), but looking at the wiki and based on previous games I’ve been aiming and banking on the old sawn-off shotgun, but even with the hacksaw and high fab… I could not craft it, confused I cheated and looked through the item wish/grant menu and still could not find it for the life of me. :confused:

Is this hidden in one of the sub-mods, a bug, or an intentional removal?

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AFAIK there is no seperate sawn-off shotgun anymore. You can now saw the barrel of most rifles off by using a hacksaw.

You beauty, of course, hack-saw > saw down barrel = sawn-off gun

O’and it can still be holstered wonderful

Funny I could not find info on this, love the edition though, cheers bud!

Kind of. Activating a circular saw to turn it on, then activating it again opens up some options, one of which is a saw barrel option, turning any compatible weapon into a kinda sawn off version. Smaller volume, I think less recoil (not sure about that at all), and higher dispersion.

So, it’s not just sawn-off shotguns. You can do it on rifles now as well. This also prevents adding the extended barrel gun mod on the modified gun, by the way, since you cut off said part.

Also, I think this can be done with a hacksaw as well.

Not sure if there is bug with sawn-offs or not - I’ve cut down barrels with hack-saw on following shotguns:
Revolver shotgun
Double barrel shotgun (makeshift)

But description of holster didn’t change for neither of them. Some of them where “back hoster” only, some allowed XL holster but this didn’t change after shortening barrels. I didn’t check on all of them if their volume is now small enough to put into regular holster but sawn-off revolver shotgun didn’t fit. Not too sure what the point is then - exchange of small save in volume for loosing accuracy?

Have you tried also using folding stocks as well. Holsters use a volume based system so I don’t know much about the old sawn off but I imagine the assumption back then was that both the barrel and the stock were sawn whereas now only the barrel gets sawn.

Haven’t tried that yet. Read about it only later. Will test all of them today, if I can make folding stock.

The button you’re looking for is “%” or Shift+5

It opens the extended items menu and allows you do stuff like saw off barrels.
The sawn-off shotgun is, IMO, one of the best guns in the game for its insane aim speed and damage.

I need to up my skill to install folding stock but sawnoff Remington fits into survivor harness, as long as it doesn’t have knife attached.