Safehouse randomly bursting into flames

Sleeping in the barracks of the military bunker, only to wake up to fire blazing all around the room and the roof collapsing in on me.

The first time it happened, I thought maybe the fire had gotten out of its brazier and spread to my ammo pile. Reloaded the game and… it happened again. No idea why.

There’s a minefield on the road some 8 tiles north and and 7 tiles west of me. Could zombie hordes pathing into it be an explanation for what’s going on? I know the game has “issues” with explosives doing weird things…

Did you fall asleep smoking?

Took a codeine before sleeping, but nothing smokable. NPC might have had a joint, but I don’t think so.

Nothing smokable on the NPC.

Teleported over to the minefield to see if any zeds were in a position to trip it. Nope.

Might have something to do with the ember carrier. I moved it out of my normal stack and didn’t wake up to a blazing inferno this time. Odd.

Maybe. The ember carrier is an activated tool. Maybe it works the same as falling asleep with a lit joint.

Out of control pyrokinesis?

I used to carry a lit ember carrier around all the time and sleep with it in my inventory, it never did that to me. That doesn’t rule out some code change altering things, though.

Have an artifact? some of them cause fires.