Evac shelter blew up?

Ok I started playing this game 2 days ago since I wanted a game like dwarf fortress so someone recommended me cataclysm dda. And since then I been having tons of fun with this game but never passed the first day. But anyways after my last guy died from bleeding out I started a new game, my first thought was to beat down the locker to get a pipe. When I went to the locker there was a hole in the wall and a fire so I backed up. And then I notice there was rebars under the benches so I took one a went to sharpen it, I look in the corner and it said I hear smash then bam. There was fire and smoke inside the building, since I was close to a door I ran out while inhaling the smoke. When I got out there was even more fire north of the shelter. And here I am, I also enabled npc’s so the one that was in the shelter burnt I guess? There was no message about him dying though? Anyways I just wish all my previous games could have had this awesome start, it full of mystery and I reason to leave the shelter.

Edit: I just got to the street and found my other character body the one bleed out to death. I took his knife spear and his pistol. Weirdly the house he died next to is a pile of rumble now? Also my stats when down cause of the smoke any way to raise them back up?

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Sounds like a promising start. Cant really imagine something that would case fire this early. My best guess is NPCs, you don’t always hear them if they are behind walls.

Also for smoke, try to look for oxygen tanks in bathrooms and the likes. Otherwise wait it out.

Hahah, that may have been from an artifact that spawns fire. Probably not though, but just a guess.

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Artifact? The other house that was north was the same place my other character got his guns. I sweep the place clean, the only thing I didn’t take though was the other guns. It was basically a gun shop in a basement. But the rumble covering the stair case though, so I now regret not taking the rifles and submachine guns.

You must have set something on fire, because I’m pretty damn sure NPCs don’t set stuff on fire and I’ve never seen a monster that makes fire.

And maybe you’re being chased by a flaming eye…

I seen this happen before but on another world I was going in town to get gas and a building was on fire? Also I have a question, how big is the world?

Where the hell is all this fire coming from…?

As big as your computer can handle (Which means infinite).

That what I don’t know the game says I hear smash then all hell breaks loose on a building but it rarely happens.

Eh, I think you’re setting fire to something. Are you?

No I wasn’t setting fires I only had a flashlight that time and the other guy only had a unused match book.


Possible NPC with incendiary ammo or another such firestarter? Otherwise, I’d have to see the fie in order to guess.

Yes! Lightning is back baby!


Not really.