Stamina for NPC/Animal/Mutated Animals/Zombies?

Does anybody know if NPC, Animal/Mutated Animals and Zombies have stamina stat?

If not, then does anyone know if the devs are planning to work on implementing it?

I mean from the realistic point of view, NPCs and Animals should definitely have this stat. Whether or not Zombies should have this stat might be debatable but I think even Zombie’s muscles have to subject to physics and suffer heat built up/wear & tear etc. So maybe give them special trait to have more stamina ans stamina recovery than mere human but still can get incapable of performing too physical demanding tasks?

I would appreciate any feedback on this topic.

Thank you.

I don’t think Monsters such as zombies and animals have a stamina stat, and I’m not sure they’d benefit from it. Their lifespan in an engagement is generally too short for it to be a significant factor, I’ve never had a zombie beating on me long enough that it should tire him out. More casual activity like walking after a target is not stamina draining enough to be relevent.

NPC’s however, could make sense for it, as they’re player analogs and should be capable of what we can do, including sprinting, and should have the same negative buffs. NPC’s are a difficult and underloved piece a lot of the time, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t have it, or had it but were ignoring its consequences and benefits.

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NPCs are generally faster than the player avatar but can’t currently sprint or crouch.

Getting your followers to crouch when you do is on my to-do list, but it’s not a high priority task.

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Yeah I see your point. I just want to fight thugs bare handed fair and square instead of losing to them due to insufficient stamina.


Thanks for letting me know it’s on the list! Totally understand there are more prioritize items to implement first.

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