Is the player character the only entity that is affected by stamina?

Just wondering… would be a nice thing with hunting at least if the animals eventually run out of stamina and have to go into a long recovery period where they’re really slow so that you can practice some persistance hunting like humans have done for all of history.

It would probably make combat too easy if zombies were given stamina, but it would also enable for them the ability to run at the player faster than they normally do. Stamina-based debuffs would also come into play so that the player could run away from the tired enemy if they have more stamina than them.

Can’t imagine what tracking stamina for every thing in the reality bubble would do to performance, though…

what about NPCs, have you checked?, iirc the NPC have limbs too since the are based on the player code, so maybe stamina too

NPCs dont have stamina.

Monsters / animals dont either. ( blob/nether monsters shouldnt have stamina tho )

Would require significant AI reshuffling to get them to use their stamina smartly.
Would welcome anyone wanting to contribute that.