Running mod

hello, y’all!
i have been playing and tinkering with this game for some time now, and have recently made an attempt to do something about
the fact that the player seems to be supposed to be running ALL THE TIME. there are very few people who can maintain the level of activity that the character seems to be acting at, considering that {s}he can be moving at speed, all day, every day. i thought it might add to the game to change this.
as such, i present: The Stamina and Running Mod.

press ‘+’ to increase pace, ‘-’ to decrease. if this does not work, check keymap.

a new stat: stamina

a new resource: fatigue. the var name is 'tired', as fatigue is already taken, and it is displayed in the form of color-coding on your speed-effort indicator.

penalty for constant running:energy cost for moving increases with fatigue, above a certain point, you will start to get pain added every few turns--4 at the moment, if i recall correctly.

4-speed player. this can be changed for up to 100 speeds, maybe more, but 4 seemed quite reasonable. you may walk(counter at 25), jog(50), run(75), or sprint(100). higher effort settings will tire you more quickly, as will carrying more stuff.

the possibility of increasing stamina. a counter goes up every turn depending on your effort-setting, and goes down when you sit still. if it gets high enough(determined by your stamina) stamina will go up, if low enough, it will go down.

NPCs and animals do not use this, though NPCs have the stats for it.

'tired' is not linked in any way to hunger, thirst, body-heat, or fatigue. it ought to be, so i  may change this in the future. 

note: this does not change speed, it changes energy cost.
the balance is probably off of speed/stat, cost for stamina increase, etc. should anyone who tries this note how it might be improved, please let me know.

breaks save-file compatibility, requires make clean

I would suggest making a github account really, it makes it infinitely easier for us to merge changes into the main repo.

How are you going to balance this, considering Zombies and such don’t have any fatigue.

Unless zombies jog, you’ll get run down.

alright, i guess i will. i just did not want to make an account for only one thing, with risk of forgetting info, but i suppose it will be fine.

as to zombies not having fatigue–no, zombies do not get tired, and people do. i consider that to be how it should be.
however, i do have the default walking speed about the same as normal movement, so as to not have to slow other things down.

also, while getting tired is an added difficulty, walking speed should be fairly sustainable. so really, this allows temporarily faster movement with some recovery cost and danger of death from overusing that, plus some extra penalties for carrying a lot.

however, i seem to have neglected to test this properly after updating it, or something. it segfaults on character creation and loading. oops.
i will post it when it works. should not be too long though.

i fixed the fatal problem–i forgot something when changing the save-code, so the saving and loading code did not match up.
edited OP with github repo, it contains both a .diff and full source

Do stats have any effect? I think stamina should probably be tied to your DEX primarily and possibly to your STR secondarily, and maybe an athletics skill should be added as well. Your legs are your life in Cataclysm, after all, so if a mechanic were to be added that dramatically affected your ability to run it’d be a pretty major gameplay change.