Rufs! What do they do?

Forgot to ask before, but now more buildings are getting rooves, can you use anything on them?
I know you can fill up a water tank, but does the solar array thingy or water purifier for example do anything?

I haven’t seen solar array or water purifier on roof, but if there are then you probably can either use them as is or deconstruct and reinstall on a car.

if you deconstruct them you get the base item, at least for the solar array and the water tanks, i dont explore roof that muchs, and iirc the sweet point of the roofs is that you can jump from one another if they are close enough (like in cities, when they are like 1 tile spaces between each other)

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Wait we can jump now how do I even do dat

you get to the ledge between the the two roofs, and you get a prompt asking if you wish to jump.

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You wouldn’t happen to know the encumbrance limits for making the jump, would you? I don’t think I’ve ever successfully made the jump…

We can jump from say, roof A to roof E?
Geddit, roof E?

I’ll get my coat…

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no, never bothered to take off everything to test, but i guess if you go naked maybe it works?, or its a work in progress?

I remember that you used to be able to place a two by four on a pit to cross it safely. Maybe we can place a plank over a ledge and walk across.

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I definitely believe that every object on the roof that isn’t floor can be deconstructed because everything counts as furniture, so it’s a good way to get some metal for yourself if you need it.

Otherwise the tanks and solar panels are probably the best to waste your time on because having the 60L is great for long term water and the solar panel can be fitted onto a car.

Anyways, I know this should go onto the suggestions thread but I really think “deconstruct furniture” should really be just “deconstruct object”


I didn’t think of the deconscruct object bit until it was mentioned here. If I get to another roof i’ll see if that’s possible.

I also like that idea of using a long plank, steel beam (character strength depending) or using an extendable ladder to traverse neighbouring rooves. I don’t know if multi-tile items are possible?