I'm confused as to why I can't use my stepladder

I want to go on top of a building which doesn’t have any access to it by stairs or whatnot, so I made a stepladder to get up.
It says that there isn’t any terrain that could support my weight, even though I’m right next to two walls each with a roof on top. Clearly, that roof should be able to support my weight, so I call shenanigans. It’s not like it’s some fragile roof or anything, it’s part of a restaurant, so it better be able to stay up by itself.

EDIT: I can get onto the roof via climbing a nearby wire fence, however the game won’t let me down without falling off. I don’t understand why I can’t just get back onto the fence instead of jumping off the roof.
After testing, my armor can mostly protect me, but it still freakin’ hurts. It’s certainly doable, but I’d much prefer to get my stepladder to follow basic logic first.

EDIT 2: Wait, I goofed a bit. I can get onto the roof of a nearby building with the fence, but not the restaurant, for some reason. Once again, they both have roofs that both should be able to support me.
The stepladder actually works in this location as well, but only on the non-restaurant roof.
As the game appears to not want to logic, I might just use debug to magic myself over there. I clearly should be able to do it, so it doesn’t actually seem all the cheaty.
I still can’t use the stepladder to go down though.

Last time I checked there were a good number of areas that just don’t have a defined roof at all. Usually when I see the message about no terrain to support my weight I just assume there isn’t anything at all on the z-level above.

Also if you want to get down from a roof safely you [e]xamine the open air and choose to climb down rather than just walk off (which it sounds like you are currently doing)

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I thought I did 'e’xamine, but I guess I very well may not have. Although I feel like when you are trying to walk off a roof and there is something that would let you climb down it should say something like: “Do you want to climb down to the [item/block]?”

I agree that the default intent should be to climb down if available. I legitimately never found out to use [e] to climb down on my own and just happened to see somebody else talking about it on the discourse.

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iirc to climb down you need to have z-levels on, dunno about the stepladder

I think you need to have Z levels on to climb down safely and to use stepladders. I couldn’t use stepladders until I turned on Z levels so based on that at least.

Hmmm, seams like someone’s needs to “step” up their game, and climb that coding “ladder”.

Hue hue hue hue hue.


That was terrible, I love it.

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I can climb up and down with the stepladder and similar by 'e’xamining the right things, so that’s nice.
I finally managed to actually get onto the roof, but I still have no clue why I couldn’t get on top of it in my original location. Strangely, the spot that let me up was largely ruined, and the areas I tried and failed to get up were fine.
A couple spots did actually have a second floor on with no ledge apparently so those particular cases made sense.
Getting to be able to climb definitely seems a little finicky, but as long as a second floor isn’t in the way and there is actually a roof you can probably get onto it somewhere.

I did the same
you want off a roof safely keep a grappling hook on you it should prompt you about using it to get down
not sure on the ladder thing though