Moving from Roof to Roof

tl;dr version: How can you cross from the roof of one building to an adjacent building’s roof?

I decided to try the Lost Faith start in the stable 0.E release, where you start as a religious figure in a church of some kind. There’s a swarm of zombies on the ground level below me, and they tend to collapse the building pretty soon after you start the game.

The first iteration I tried, there was a building whose 2nd floor roof touched mine, and I could walk across to next door and escape that way.

Every iteration since then, there’s at least a one-tile space between my roof and the adjacent one. If I examine the gap, it gives me an option to jump across, but I’m too scared to try doing so. I’m guessing if I had a higher Dex, I could do it.

You can’t seem to construct a floor over an empty tile. I checked around the forums, and it seems that I could bridge the gap by going one level down and building a roof, but of course I’m precisely trying to avoid going down there.

I thought maybe a grappling hook would help, but it doesn’t seem to have any functionality.

I tried a stepladder, and while that let’s me climb down, it doesn’t let me move from roof to roof.

I feel like there has to be a way that someone with a few levels in Fabrication could quickly construct something that lets them move across a single empty tile, but I’ve run out of ideas to try. Any suggestions?

For jumping, you can do it so long as you’re not carrying too much, and it will tell you if you’re carrying too much before you jump. I haven’t found any other solution.

Examine ledges to see if jumping option is available.

To clarify, the character is too scared to try it, which (according to Mega_Glub) may be a factor of his encumberance.

It may be obvious but I’ll still say it: you don’t have to leave all your loot behind you. Throwing things is, well, a thing. Should be even easier now with nested containers (if it isn’t currently bugged :D) - jut put everything into a bag and throw it over the gap.