Cars on roofs/farms

ok so i just finished clearing out the second floor and roof of a office building that i converting to a base. i been wondering any way to form a farm on the roof (i have a lot of space) and iff i build a car mostly just to work for water and solar power would it still work on the roof does it count as outside?

Rooftop farming would be cool!

yeah if they is not way of not debug farming i would say players can dig dirt (not through pits just to keep that from being a problem more of a sort of digging pit or something) and with either wood or metal make a large farming trough to fill with dirt and seeds would also be auto plantable

Well outside is typically covered in the open air tiles least that’s what the game calls it so as long as you don’t change that you’ll be fine. In other words if you try to go up and it says you need bracing it should work for solar as for farming I think you could Mod it if you really want it or hire/find/ask someone to MOD it for you.

Hope this helps in some way.

yeah after having a punch of sunlight it it being two stories up i think its outside thanks

Just trying to help sometimes the game can be weird about how things work even with roofs.

LMOE shelters don’t have a roof on the entrance building so it could end doing something like that so you just have magically ceiling. Just thought I’d let you know.

thank. doing my thing on a office tower roof

Did this work? I seem to recall trying to put solar panels on a frame in a mansion balcony and it didn’t work…

a bug ruined that save i had to reset currently working on finding a place to test this.

Malakh the balcony might have a roof try going up from it to see. Else wise it’s a bug

I think a construction for a “Garden Box” would actually be nifty for this very reason. Just two by fours and a sack of dirt or some such.

yeah basically a planter box some wood or metal or even clay/stone and some dirt

extra thing to add unrealted but are there any rules for stories in the library section could not find any and i have a idea that has some custom stuff in it

ok after finally getting to test this yes the roof of a building that has weather like the apartment towers and office tower does count as outside and thus solar panels and likely funnels (snowy so have yet to get an rain