Rooftop Rules? How to bridge the gap?

How do rooftops work? Can I shoot down on enemies below me? I’m trying to bridge the gap (3 squares) between 2 rooftops, how do I construct this bridge?

you can use the vehicle system to make folding ladders I believe, the stair buttons < and > allow you to look and shoot up and down

You can build vehicles crossing the gap (the vehicle needs a floor). Foldable vehicles might work to make portable “bridges”, although I haven’t tried it. There might be issues with foldable vehicles in that you can’t select the direction in which they unfold, so you might need a set of different vehicles to handle different directions unless you can push them around.

I suspect the game doesn’t check whether a vehicle would fall down due to the center of gravity being over the drop. If that is the case you ought to have to start building the first vehicle tile at the edge and then continue 4 more tiles (to get one on the other side, although I don’t know if the last one is needed technically). I haven’t tried it myself: the closest is a power generating “vehicle” stretching from one roof to another, with the bulk on the first roof, plus a single floor tile in the gap to test the concept that a floor makes it possible to walk on the tile.

As far as I understand you need to enable the experimental 3D view system to use it to view and attack other levels.

If you are ever stuck on a roof see if you can find a friendly grabber zombie. They will help you down.

NEVER go near the edge if you see a grabber zombie. Those little pests are the most dangerous as they can grap you form one story down and pull you down (the fall will hurt) right in the middle of the horde.

Another good thing to remember is that you can attack creatures in melee if they are next to you and one z-level down, but they can’t attack you. The exeption being those with ranged attacks (acid, shocker and plant zombies) and those with reach attacks (hulks, juggernauts and grabbers). You can however takeon hulks and juggernauts in relarive safety as there reach attacks don’t do to much damage to a somewhat armored survivor. This also works for stairs that are aligned as long as you have the high ground.