RPG Mode for Cataclysm?

so basically im having this some sort of wish to play Cataclysm in a similar way like open world RPG game, where killing zombies, crafting stuff and completing quest grant you XP and when you level up your skill (mainly stats) will increase by random choice.

is it available as a mod?

Isn’t it what cataclysm already is ?

That part is already in, even if quest might be considered a bit not so good.

You already get some sort of Xp for your skill
And stats can grow up with skill if you use stathroughskill mod

Stats through Skills or Stats through Kills if what you’re looking for. Though I don’t recommend the latter, you get really broken really fast. Same with Stats through Skills, but it’s more balanced and soft-capped.

I didn’t even know about stats through kills, but yeah as Psy said. Stats through skills is gonna be your best bet I think.

allright… thanks for the info… really need something to spice my gameplay up.

welp… where can i download the mod?

It’s packaged with the game. Just enable it in the world options when generating a new world.

owh… turns out its located at the balance list of mods…

welp it turns out the mod really spice my character up. now i have a purpose for increasing the skill then…

thanks for the help.