Round in the chamber

I was thinking it would be a cool feature to be able to insert an extra round into the chamber of your gun by ®eloading on a full magazine. Obviously it would only work on appropriate guns (not revolvers, pipe weapons, double barrel shotguns etc). Probably not a very high priority addition, but may save a few characters who are making that desperate last stand against a charging Zombie Hulk.

I fucking love this idea. Also that one round should take 150% of the time it takes to do a regular reload.

Would be a nifty touch of realism, yus.

Thanks, guys! I like the idea of it taking a while longer, too.

And for some guns, semi-autos mainly, one could further have a faster reload with a round chambered, as you wouldn’t have the delay from having to rack the slide, cock the bolt, etc.

Might be harder to think up the details for pump-actions and lever-actions though, since the pumping is just left implied after firing a shot rather than existing as a discrete action the player has to take. Could make it so that there’s that reload delay for the first round loaded into an empty weapon.