Firing delay on bolt/pump/lever guns

There’s currently no delay between shots with a manual action gun compared to a semi-automatic, and with all the work going into the magazine overhaul I thought that was kinda weird. I noticed on the github there’s talk of adding in round chambering for +1 loading on detachable mag weapons, and I thought maybe that would be a good place for adding in special handling of manual-actions. For example if guns track whether there’s a round in the chamber or not, manuals could be tagged to require chambering between each shot (and only eject brass on chambering).

Should probably be a delay with these types of guns jamming from constant rapid-fire.

Maybe with bolt action weapons, you should need to spend an action to re-bolt the weapon after every shot.

Cycling a bolt, even in an awkward “Has never fired a gun before way” would only take a couple seconds. I’d be in favor of having a “manual cycle” delay based on the shooters rifle skill, to reflect that as you get used to shooting a rifle, you can cycle the bolt incredibly fast, to the point where it’s barely a second, much less a full six. With this, bolt actions would become a good option for skilled shooters, while inexperienced operators would still have reason to seek out automatic firearms.

and pressing f to work the bold/pump/lever do not sounds intuitive

Even when you are skilled enough with bolt weapons, it still takes time, especially with the weapons like Mosin (it is really hard to reload). Maybe the solution lays in automatically re-bolt when you move or try to make the next shot.

The tricky part is balancing between making it tactical and making the ui streamlined.
The simplest thing to do is increase the firing and reload times for weapons that require their action to be worked with each shot. Effectively that means working the action after each shot and after reloading is mandatory. A ‘free’ detail would be to discount the firing time of a shot if it is the last of the magazine.
The only thing this approach misses out on is having a round in the chamber, firing it (quickly, without working the action afterwards) then running away, switching to a different weapon, etc.
I don’t think that use case is important enough to add a new action type to micromanage firing non-automatic weapons.

I learned to shoot very similar to this dry firing and on the range, not for ‘speed’ but for less movement/accuracy.
I was 14.

Not unreasonable for even a fairly basic person to get 1s per bullet or less. It’s the way I was taught to shoot a lever action, so the actual action part doesn’t change your sights/balance when hunting. I’m not saying I was taught to rapid fire. But the fact is it’s possible due to the way you brace and hold the gun.