RM13 Combat Armor Clarification

Does RM13 Combat Armor protect against fungal spores, tear gas, etc, or do I need to carry a gas mask with me?

The item description shows as having environmental resistance, covers the face, eyes, head, etc, and can act as swim goggles, so I presume it has some sort of face plate, but I can still wear a heavy survivor mask with it.

Does environmental resistance protect against contaminants, or just things like acid, electricity, or fire?

From the description of the coverage, I’m picturing it as looking something like this, so I’m wondering how I can wear a gas mask with it at all. If it can’t already protect from contaminants, it probably should be changed to do so.

If the environmental protection is high enough then yes, it will protect you.

The people in that picture could totally strap a gas mask onto their helmets if they really wanted to. It would even provide some extra protection for when they get smacked in the head by something they couldn’t see as a result.

Lol. Well, at least I don’t have to carry or wear that damn thing anymore. That perception penalty from eye encumbrance sucks since I use firearms heavily. How much EP would you need to be immune to radiation?

I think radiation protection is something else as things say in the flags area they offer protection from radiation. Not %100 sure though as EP might “protect” you but not make you immune.

Well, it says “Rad Resist” in the tags, I was thinking this just implied it reduced how much you absorbed somehow, not full protection. I thought Environmental Protection did that?

IDK I stay out of radiation zones unless I have a hazmat suit or power armor + helmet which specifically say they completely protect you from radiation.

Radiation is basically limited to craters, municipal reactors + wearhouse (BN), silos, hazardous waste sarcophagus, and a few other common sense places. The only time I ever encounter radiation without specifically preparing for it is due to the zombie scientist’s rad-beam attack which, frankly isn’t of any concern to me.

If we had a bunch of stuff out of STALKER series + Stalker mods. That would be pretty cool though. As the Stalker series has everything to do with this topic =)

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If I’m not wrong it fully protects you from rads (and electricity too) when turned on.