Environmental Protection - the whole story?

I just noticed that dust masks and knit scarves have the same Environmental protection value. Does the “environmental protection” rating cover everything that makes dust masks, gas masks, filter masks, etc effective at keeping you breathing when in smoke? Do they have any value that is not represented by their various protection values?

I’m not sure why you consider this a bug… Maybe #game-talk:the-bunker would be a better category for this question?

The knit scarf only has 85% coverage (or 45% if worn loose), but the dust mask provides 100% coverage (as shown in game).

And yes, the environmental protection value is used in the calculation on how much your character get affected by smoke, poisonous gas and acid.

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different types of enviromental hazards exist but mostly its just for preventing fungal infections from spores landing on you. the most important thing is mouth protection for environmental hazards

Is there any item besides gas masks that can protect from the small amount of smoke that comes from an oven fire/brazier?

Not an item, but it’s possible to use a fire while standing a little bit away from it, reducing the risk of occasionally inhaling smoke (probably not very useful if you use the fire for keeping warm, though).

Apart from that, there are different variations of gas masks, such as e.g. survival gear.

well you can use multiple mouth coverings to reach the same amount of environmental protection, just at way more mouth encumbrance.

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