Lotsa questions

When fighting shock creatures what happens if using weapons that conduct electricity? My arms take damage when I hit them?

Similarly, what happens when wearing armor that conducts electricity when fighting shock zombies?

Does the fireman’s PBA mask provide any smoke protection when not turned on (like a gas mask)? If it does, what extra protection is provided by turning it on?

Do basements that have black widow spiders count as “spider basements” or only the ones that have cave cellar spiders?

Does layering armor cause the armor values to stack in a straight additive fashion? If not, how does that work?

What does the coverage percentage of armor actually do?

  1. Correct

  2. I think it’s essentially irrelevant, that line about them conducting electricity refers to if you use them as a weapon. Some rare / high end stuff like the Faraday cage shark suit, ANBC, and some survivor suits have a line about completely protecting you from electric discharge, and those… Well, they work as advertised. If you’re wearing them. No bets on if you try to beat a zombie to death with one.

  3. It has a separate environmental protection in the on and off status, check the item’s info when on and you’ll see it has changed. I’m pretty sure it does provide fair protection when deactivated, and activating it protects you from even more dangerous or higher levels of contaminants that overcome the environmental protection of it when it is off.

  4. I could only ramble and conjecture, I don’t know what the code thinks of them.

  5. No idea, I’m only sure that I’ve been certain for a long time that more is better, and ignoring the coverage is a bad idea.

  6. I’m not actually sure about it but if say your armguard has 50% coverage (pulled that number out of nowhere), when your arm is hit there may only be a 50% chance of the armguard doing anything for you, since you were hit where it didn’t cover. Again, I have no idea how the game mechanics actually work out with that, I’ve just gone with my instinct and it seems to have worked out for me.

As Szara said, the “this item conducts electricity” tag only matters for armor if you’re trying to beat things to death with it. When worn, it behaves exactly like any other armor that doesn’t explicitly block electricity. I believe that rubber gloves can protect you when hitting electrified enemies with a conductive weapon, and rubber boots can protect you from electrical sparks/crackles, though not directed electrical bolts.

As far as the game is concerned, a basement is a basement. Does it contain an appreciable number of spiders? If so, feel free to call it a spider basement. The ones most people mean when they say “spider basement” are pretty hard to miss, as the entire room will be filled with cobwebs, spiders and spider eggs.

Coverage is a percentage chance that incoming damage that hits a protected location will be blocked by that piece of armor. I believe they are checked individually, in sequence, from outermost to innermost. If you’re wearing, say, a hard hat, which has 80 coverage, there’s a 20% chance that an attack to your head will completely ignore it, and go on to either do damage to your head, or check against the item of clothing under it, such as a helmet liner. Assuming the attack fails to bypass any part of your armor, I believe the damage reduction for each piece stacks additively.

Needless to say, getting 100% coverage is very desirable. You can be wearing full military kit, and all it takes is one bullet bypassing your 95% coverage army helmet to end your run for good.

EDIT: I just double checked, and the PBA mask has a pretty decent 7 environmental protection when turned off, which is generally enough to protect you fully from smoke inhalation, but not necessarily stuff like toxic gas. Turning it on increases it’s EP to 30, which is enough to completely protect you from airborne toxins of any kind. (Though I think the radioactive Hazy Clouds will still irradiate you.)


Regarding the spider basement, I know that certain rare equipment has an increased chance of spawning in spider basements and wanted to know if both of those had the same spawn chance.

[quote=“Michi, post:4, topic:13723”]Thanks.

Regarding the spider basement, I know that certain rare equipment has an increased chance of spawning in spider basements and wanted to know if both of those had the same spawn chance.[/quote]

Any time the house has paper walls (for a wasp house) or the house or basement has webs, then the spawn list includes… well, as I understand it, almost everything in the game. Of course, the chances of any PARTICULAR item are very small, but the chance is still higher than almost anywhere else, eh?