Remove anoying bionics

ok simple question how do i remove malfuction bionics like eachi bionic and that oder anoying faild bionics

I’m not entirely sure, but I think you can use a scalpel (or maybe any cutting too, even) on yourself to do that. It’s very dangerous without the right training, and you’ll want a lot of spare bandages and other healing items nearby in any case.

Currently it’s a sharp tool and a first-aid kit required.

“very dangerous” = about 70-80 damage on failure (can and does kill people!)

“right training” = about two more levels of each bionic-install skill than you’d want to install the unit

thanks for the help

um…how do i use it on mi i can onli carve sothing on and item and cut fabrications

Bionics menu, should be an option to remove. Defaults to “-”, IIRC, and is experimental-only.