Reworking everything related to chemistry

I already wrote about problems with explosives, but this topic did not arouse any interest. It doesn’t make sense to list everything, so I’ll just ask if there are people here who are ready to help me fix all this? I am well versed in weapons/chemistry and metalworking however I am not very good when it comes to writing code. I will list all the mistakes in a personal conversation if there is someone who will agree to work with me.

And so, since there is no interest in my topic again, and I’m bored, I will begin to list the errors and give a brief description.

  1. Ammonia synthesis (Haber process)
    Simply no, no, and again no, you need at least 100 atmospheres and 300 degrees C to get at least something, as well as pure hydrogen and ammonia (hydrogen at this pressure will ignite if the vessel breaks, and it will happen because hydrogen penetrates steel and weakens it)

  2. Keten lamp
    Yes, it should work in theory, but unfortunately in practice it does not work or works very poorly. I haven’t seen a single homemade plant produce any significant amount of acetic anhydride (you only need a little to use it and get more without a ketene lamp). In practice, you will get a lot of stench and 0 acetic anhydride without normal syntheses using SOCl2 or SO2Cl2 or POCl3, or you can use COCl2 if you have AlCl3 (which is quite difficult to obtain) as a catalyst. Then the resulting acetyl chloride is used to obtain acetic anhydride.
    For those who do not agree, I note that in industry ketene is obtained from acetic acid and not from acetone.

Re: Haber
Did even the initial experiments run at 100atm? We’re not talking about industrial volumes, just forcing something out.
However it’s a given we’re talking about as much pressure as possible, which calls into question how you’re even pressurizing the hydrogen in the first place. You’re certainly not building a mechanical pump capable of meaningfully pressurizing hydrogen gas out of scrap, conventional seals might as well not be there.
Then you mention purity, AFAIK electrolosis seperation is pretty absolute, is water vapor in the hydrogen a critical problem? If so can’t it just be condensed out? If notvwhat’s the contaminate, atmospheric gas?
I also forgot about embrittlement when reviewing the PR. Honestly there are so many problems with the process they’re hard to keep track of.

Alternatives, is there a non-Haber process that would be feasible, if even less efficient?

Hydrogen can be obtained in different ways electrolysis is not the first on this list. There are certainly alternatives to the haber process as well. In general, I have already contacted several people (including atomicfox556) and we have a local community working only on the development of chemistry. Do you have a discord server where we can discuss this? I’m not talking about a regular server for everyone.

Yes it’s linked from