Realistic chemistry recipes

So, I wanna start this topic by saying that Im a chemist in RL, and getting on a lab (in game) the first time made me so happy! So many chemicals! I got on researching all the recipes that could be made from them and was honestly fascinated about the complexity.
But, some of the recipes were simplifed, maybe because of the rule of fun principle. So I was thinking about trying to add some recipes (and also removing others?), but first I created this topic to gauge the reception for these kind of things, because maybe too complex recipes wouldn’t be interesting or fun.
Some of the things I thought about adding:
proper methamphetamine (not the low-grade stuff, yuck!): non-drowsy cough syrup + acetone + methanol + lye + phosporous + iodine (the last two would need to be added)
phosphorous from matches for the aforementioned recipe
heroin from morphine + acetic anhydide (needs to be added)
and finally: kevlar thread: phenyldiamine + benzenedicarbonyl chloride (both would need to be added)
Also, I’d like to add that I have almost 0 experience with coding, but I’ve found the guide for first time modders and I think I could do it on my own (albeit with some minor correctable mistakes).
Concluding, if the FBI equivalent in my country came to my house after me and my latest browser history, I could yell “IT WAS FOR A GAME!” and refer them this topic.


Yes please. Too many chem recipesnboil down to “mix bleach and ammonia and shout cooking APPLIED SCIENCE at it hard enough”.


-P.S. The FBI, FDA and DEA Warns: Do not try this at home, it may harm you, others or your liberty. You were warned.

Finally, I’ll be able to have the true meth lab experience.

Yes, please!

it may harm your liberty.


If it is usefull or can be weaponized or is used to make something that can be usefull or weaponized than you are free to add it.

You could start by making a mod, then look at integrating some or all of it into the main game. Getting started isn’t that complicated, you can mostly copy file structure and contents from the base game or other mods, use them as templates and just change the specific parts you want to change. There is a bit of a learning curve of course, but you can get around a lot of that with copy and paste.

Just keep in mind: most characters in the game are learning chemistry from a book, and through trial and error. So try to include plenty of recipes that are realistic but also easy, or have a large margin of error, in addition to the more complex or difficult ones. The realism should also reflect what’s realistically possible for someone with no experience or training.

Adding proper meth recipe by Nabo92 · Pull Request #50511 · CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA · GitHub It is done already, doing final polish and waiting for the merge


It would be nice to see an achievement referencing breaking bad upon crafting some meth