Returning after unknown days of real life activity : what's new?

after unknown days of real-life activity, i have returned and now i believe i may have missed something important, something that i should know about forum such as removed some category or new category and stuff… so is there something new that i should know?

The big thing recently is this

0.D release is really for real happening real soon now :tm:


now that’s a high priority news i should follow… if its really close then i believe you will release it around february right?

what’s the new feature of 0.D?

There are a lot of them.

just checking the changelog and :

Allow resolutions up to 8K UHD (7680×4320).

are we entering Retina HD quality version of the game right now?

One big thing I noticed after having not played for several months is liquid things freezing. I start a new character, run around town collecting food and drinks, and head back to evac for the evening to re-sustain myself. Lo and behold, everything’s frozen and I’m extremely thirsty! Even the toilet water is frozen in the toilet!

the weather must be causing it to freeze… or you might happen to play in a bugged session.

Technically we can’t see in 4k already. So that buck should stop there…but who knows how long people will take to learn this fact.

What does “Discordant Mi-go Memes.” mean?

something new with Mi-gos, must be those random words spoken by migos…