RetroDays Tileset (Update 2018)

If you mean to make request for devs to make change, im still not familiar with such things.
But yes, it will help if they have separate id, something like this:

I’m working on updated railroad tiles here, adding horizontal, vertical and diagonal railroad ties, tracks and track on ties terrains:

There are following terrains now:

Railroad ties:

  • -: t_railroad_tie_h;
  • |: t_railroad_tie_v;
  • /: t_railroad_tie_d;

Railroad tracks:

  • X: t_railroad_track;
  • H: t_railroad_track_h;
  • V: t_railroad_track_v;
  • D: t_railroad_track_d;

Railroad track on ties:

  • x: t_railroad_track_on_tie;
  • h: t_railroad_track_h_on_tie;
  • v: t_railroad_track_v_on_tie;
  • d: t_railroad_track_d_on_tie

Can you please look if there are enough terrains now to update railroads in this tileset?

I also suggest make a PR to move updated tileset to mainline.

I have a Pull Request submitted for this right now :wink:

Sorry for delay. Finally finished with adding tiles for PK mod.

Here i made example how it can look after changes.
If i understand correctly, "_d" mean diagonal? then If it posible for game to generate railroad which turns from left to right we need both IDs "\" and "/" for diagonals.

May be i dont understant how all stuff work exacly, may be it possible to set tile angle at map preset/generation stage and with Rotation=true flag it will rotates where you need?

But if its not possible, here IDs we should have:

Railroad ties:

t_railroad_tie; it cover both "h" and "v" inner tie tiles because there 2 connected tiles. It also cover outer piece of tie because its just square in my case.

(It posible to make tie fully connected, like this
it will cost for additional ID for each direction
not sure if it worth it)

t_railroad_tie_d1; for diagonal /
t_railroad_tie_d2; for diagonal \
I cant figure out how to make diagonal ties solid :frowning:

Railroad tracks:

t_railroad_track; it cover both "h" and "v" tiles because there 2 connected tiles.)
t_railroad_track_d1; for diagonal /
t_railroad_track_d2; for diagonal \

Railroad track on ties:

t_railroad_track_h_on_tie; horsiontal
t_railroad_track_v_on_tie; vertical
t_railroad_track_d1_on_tie; diagonal /
t_railroad_track_d2_on_tie; diagonal \

Some map variation, not much better, but a little more smooth.
In this case we can get rid of both these IDs
t_railroad_track_d1_on_tie; for diagonal /
t_railroad_track_d2_on_tie; for diagonal \

Im hope there is a way to make all this more simple.


Update for mods users \ Smile /

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I just found that “PKs Reimagining” is little outdated. Here update with missing tiles for latest as i assume version of PKs_Rebalancing - 5.6.4d(Patch 5.6.4h)
(Unofficial PK’s Rebalancing Patch 5.6.4h)
There really cool new monsters were added among other things.

Thank you so much for keeping this tileset updated, especially for going the extra mile and taking care of PKR!

IMO this is by far the best tileset, I just love how clean and easy to interpret it is. And it just looks great. Again, great work.


Just noticed that pigeons are showing up as a pig sprite for me.


So pigs can fly. I knew it.

Isnt they look like typical post-apocalypse pigeons? i dont know, ok i made them more birdish. LUL

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I see this post is a bit old, but, I was wondering if you still have time to fix a minor issue?

The flowers are inconsistent.


As a former ASCII purist I can confidently say this is the only tileset I thoroughly enjoy. Everything else feels messy and confusing. But at the same time my wife with zero ASCII familiarity can at least understand it. Even if she teases me for playing games with Atari graphics.

Haha, I feel you. I am less inclined to full on ASCII, but, I will admit that ASCII provides a certain level of information and identification you don’t or rarely find in tilesets in games like CDDA.

Hello guys, i always like to see someone hooked by retroday tiles as i was. It feels like you know, make imagenation works, but same time look clean and recognisable. Great work. I will try support requests to update things as i can. So wait.

But I(and i feel original author Antistar the same) cant always support it to be updated enough. I dont want such uniquie tileset will be complete outdated. Its really not to diifcult to add new tiles. If someone interestet enough to take relay race, and dont know how, just ask me.

Yeah, I’d love to update the tileset - and was tempted to, when I was playing the game again recently - but I just haven’t had time. I’ve already got a huge backlog to plough through with the Fallout 4 and Skyrim mods I’m working on at the moment.

I might be interested in doing tile updates but the last time I tried to do some tile updating I had to have all this special software that wasn’t free, and the free ones sucked. I did some tile modding for Cogmind with gimp, so I do have a bit of experience. At the very least I could learn and then update as I find things that are on fallback tiles and maybe after awhile I’ll have an updated one I can upload

I found on reddit someone who kindly “hacked” together long and tall grass, and some other tiles. Some tiles are still missing and go to their fallback. Antistar and JaR seem to be busy and not have time to update them, so I doubt they would mind if anyone wants to add more / update it.

Reddit Link to RetroDays Long Tall Grass

There two links there, the top comment link, and one a bit farther down. I’m not sure of the difference, but, the one by aewtech is the one I use and the grass looks like so:


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Nice. Can you make a PR with that (and any other updated tiles)?

It was confusing to have long grass and normal grass look the same when I was playing recently - and it looks pretty good in that shot there.

I certainly don’t mind other people updating RetroDays - and it wouldn’t matter even if I did, of course, since CDDA is open-source. :wink:

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It does update more tiles than just that, which is nice, although I’m not a fan of the mushroom foraging tiles, which just look plain silly and I think with that reverted to how it was before, it’s perfect.