Retching Fit auto passing time

0.C-24600-g77ee89d (tiles)
Windows 8.1

Ok so here’s what happened : I load my last save, move one step and then my survivor starts coughing and retching and the time is advancing by itself so I can’t input anything.
Lasts for hours until I stop the game

I’ve reloaded my save 4 times and it happened exactly the same way, exept one time where I managed to move and do some stuff before.

I’ve no idea what’s happening with this. Is it a bug, or is it a legit illness in the game ?

It’s a known bug.

So I’ve actually tried to wait it out and it stop a after a few hours.

It’s a known bug.

But my character is not a new one, I’ve made it about 4 month ago.

It’s not exclusive to new characters. (Edited the ticket title)

Any time a new player effect is triggered the player starts a vomit/caughing spiral.

All right, so does this mean that my survivor is sick until this bug is fixed ?

More or less yes, he’ll be vomiting from time to time without a reason.

Hue, thought it was a lab challenge ninja patch. :smiley:

This might just be tangential. But when I made a headlamp, wore it then turned it on. My character started an infinite vomiting loop.

Sounds related, it looks like the bug is triggered by your player having any effects applied at all, so it won’t happen if you have no effects. IIRC possessing a light is handled as an effect so there you go.

Fix when? :stuck_out_tongue:

Should be fixed now

Will have to wait for somebody to build it for CDDA Game Launcher? :’(

E: Updating as we speak. You guys are awesome.