Time jump issue - 0.9-3139-g44364f8


I was giving another go at Cata and on the expiremental I saw an interesting issue.
Time went foward really fast in 1 turn, it looked as if the game was frozen but the first time it hapened i was exausted after.
The second time I dies to a fierce combat of me doing nothing.

Thank you

I’m giving a try to the version 0.9-3145-g40a8789 (one day after yours, i think).
Didn’t find (yet) anything wierd like you; Well, nothing come to my mind for your first case, mainly because of the lack of information (fighting ? crafting ? just running ? waiting ? any monster in view ? Any debuff or seeing the eyes/ spore etc ?)

For the second part, you were fighting what ? If there is at last one Z shocker, they MAy (very unlikely) stunlockyou, especialy with very low coverage from your clothe & reduce speed (well, just a long action, like swing a wheel or anything you shouldn’t try, can lead to over 4000 movement point, so ±30/40 turns for usual enemies). you may also have debuff before anyway, I think we need to be sure.

Were you addicted to anything (or taking a profession with an addiction)? I seem to remember reading about a problem with the tweaker profession recently.

The first time I was a tweaker
The second time I was a chain smoker.
So both time I was addicted.

To answer the other question, both time I was not in combat when it froze, no enemy in sight.

Yes, after some try, it come from addictions.
Your guys will have hallucination, shake & co, and won’t be able to move at all (sometime for days), so anything that attack you will kill you.