Request for Deathmobiles

Can you guys post your deathmobiles here? I need some help with making my own not look like a chaotic mess of vehicle parts and utilities so that I can survive the Cataclysm in style.

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Here’s my current one.

The utilities are all from the Aftershock mod (fridge, freezer, MetalMaster, cooking rig) and the trunks are all cargo troughs from the same mod, but you could easily replace those with a welding rig, chem lab, fridge, and foodco, and the troughs with cargo spaces. After a lot of experimentation, I’ve decided that smaller cars tend to be better.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a big ol’ steel-plated battle bus every now and then~

Might not count but this is my extended slightly pimped out cube van:

had it since I first escaped the lab and it’s served me faithfully since, I plan on using and upgrading it until I finally find a tank with 3 working engines that I can use as the base for a full mobile base.

There are some in this thread.

Anything’s a deathmobile with spikes rams on the front.

I’d consider this the final iiteration of my cube van turned deathmobile:

I’ve completely covered it in military composite armour, replaced the wheels with 32" armoured ones, swapped the shutter doors, truck doors and aisle curtain with heavy hatches and the steel rams on the front for composite ones. I’ll squeeze in another seat if I find another survivor and I might swap the turret out at some point for something else but I rarely use it and it’s been ok so far, but that’s about as far as anymore modification would go. I doubt this will be my final vehicle but I’m more then happy with it until I find that tank to work on. :stuck_out_tongue: